Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Top Three Pregnancy Style Tips

When expecting your first child, the last thing on your mind is fashion. But it's important to plan ahead and purchase clothing that will work not only through your pregnancy, but also after the baby is born. Some women experience weight gain and may suffer from negative feelings and low esteem. Purchasing clothing that fits your body will not only help you feel great but flatter your newly discovered curves. 

Top Three Tips

1. Shop the plus size section of your favorite retailer. Prices here will be lower then a specialty maternity store. Try pieces on to make sure the shoulders and cross back fit properly. Your body will gain weight, but your shoulders are not likely to get wider.

2. Stretch garments are your friend. But test the garmet to ensure that the fabric stretches both horizontally and vertically. This ensures a better fit around and below the belly.

3. Long tank tops are the secret to wearing some of your favorite tops. Layer longer tanks, and camisoles, underneath your blouses. This gives your belly the coverage it needs, while still allowing you to wear your favorite pieces well into your pregnancy.

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