Monday, March 16, 2015

Top Three Busy Mom Picks for Spring!

Top Three Spring Busy Mom Picks!

Top Three Spring Busy Mom Picks! by jordantesfayworldwide featuring a leather tote

When you are busy juggling life, family and a career things need to be streamlined. Certain items can help make your life easier. Here is how these top picks can help simplify your life.

1. The Keurig is a wonderful little invention. It allows you the immediacy of barista coffee without the wait. Couple that with the endless amount of pod and creamer options and this little machine can compete with any Starbucks menu. Apply the money you save on expensive lattes to your IRA. 

2. The Filofax is the only way to organize your life. If you are a visual person like myself and enjoy seeing your entire weekly tasks on two simple pages, then this agenda is for you. Also, if you're crafty you can have fun personalizing the pages with cute stickers and washi tape. Check out the youtube channel MyPurplyLife for great ideas. 

3. The Longchamp bag can double as a diaper bag, while keeping you stylish. Also, should you happen to spill anything on it, the water resistant coating is very forgiving. You can add overnight bags and change purses easily to your collection and should the zipper break, simply return it to Longchamp. They offer a warranty and charge a nominal amount to fix certain items. 

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